FAQ (as I receive new questions, this page will be updated)

Are there any colors that are better/worse for portraits?
~ In general wearing all white isn’t the best idea, other than bridal of course, it can easily wash folks out and cause glare for the camera. I’d also advise against any items that have specific logos or that are overly trendy, as they can cause your photos to look dated rather quickly. Of course, as trends go, what’s old is always new again eventually, so wear whatever makes you feel great and most comfortable.

What about patterns?
~ Patterns can be tricky. My general rule of thumb when it comes to patterns is nothing too thin or closely spaced. This is especially important when it comes to stripes or chevron patterns, it’s really hard to read on screen and becomes wonky to the eye. If you want to wear stripes or chevron patterns in your photos, you totally can, just make sure they are larger or more widely spaced.

How long is a portrait session?
~ Portrait sessions typically take anywhere from 1.5 – 2 hours but can be shorter or slightly longer depending on the type of session, number of people involved or your individual needs. I don’t want my clients to feel like there is a ticking clock hanging over us the whole time and I also don’t want to tire out any small children by keeping them there any longer than we need to. My end goal is the best pictures we can get with everyone having a good time in the process.