I love pictures. I never get bored of looking at them, never get bored of taking them. I annoy my child, my nieces and nephews, my husband, and my pets by constantly sticking a camera (or my iPhone) in their faces. My love of photography has been a part of me since high school (and probably before that, honestly) and I will always fondly remember that horrid smell of stop bath from those days in the dark room. My favorite style of photography is a more photojournalistic take on regular photography. I love capturing those candid moments.

When I’m not trying to capture life as it happens, I still try to spend a good deal of time on some sort of creative pursuit. I like cooking and baking, I make jewelry and hand-crafted fabric items for my Etsy shop (Just Expressive Etsy). I love music and traveling. We do DIY projects around the house. I blog. I also believe in balance in all things, which is why I also watch trash TV, love to eat and shop, play Lego video games, and just hang out with my friends.

I’m currently located in Houston but I am originally from Arizona and have a deep love for the mountains. I’m fond of Austin and have been known to pop over there on occasion and recently have been making the trek to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with some frequency. Texans, man, we spend a lot of time in our cars!