Over the summer we took a big family trip across the pond to celebrate Brody’s graduation. He’d never been outside of the U.S. before and what better excuse? We flew to London, then hopped a train to Wales and then took a ferry over to Dublin. It was quite the little whirlwind adventure!




A Day At The Beach

I can’t believe that the day I spent hanging out, on a beach in California, with these adorable little faces was all the way back in July. It’s already November! Time just moves way too fast.

New Orleans

I didn’t take as many pictures, while wandering around New Orleans, as I would’ve liked over the weekend. Someday, I’d like to just go with a group of fellow photogs and wander various areas with our cameras at the ready capturing whatever moves us. I feel like our different styles, perspectives and approaches would lead to some interesting comparisons when it comes to the final pictures. That is already happening a bit, as in the case of this gate post, since I was walking with CharlieSue through the Garden District.

More to come!


One of my favorite things to do is discover a new place, be it here in the states or across the pond somewhere, even the thought of exploring somewhere new makes me entirely giddy. I have a whole board (on Pinterest) dedicated to places I hope to go someday, scads of bookmarks, guides for the future and every year we’ve been lucky enough to cross one (or two or three) off the list. This year we visited Wales and Amsterdam. Our lovely friends Kristie and Duvain were married in Wales and we were fortunate enough to not only attend but make a proper vacation out of the journey and extend our visit a bit.