Brody: Senior Portraits

In about three weeks my baby boy will be turning 18 years old. In about 3 weeks after that, he’ll be graduating. It’s kind of crazy to me how fast time is moving right now. There are so many events, so many boxes left to check on our “to do” lists, so many plans left to execute and hardly any time to just absorb what’s happening.

One of those very important boxes would be his graduation announcements and portraits (they go hand in hand in my opinion) and so I forced a very cranky, half-asleep, teenage boy out in the early morning hours to get some quick shots. I really wanted to try and take photos that captured his personality and embraced who he is right now. Of course, my first thought as far as location was the Alva Graphics building as they have fantastic graffiti covering all their walls. My son is a huge fan of street art and I knew he would love it.


Let me introduce you to my son, Brody. The long hair, the skinny jeans, head-phones hanging from his shoulders, the ever-present knit cap even in the dead of summer heat. He’s going to be a senior this fall and could he *be* any more 17?

He has long refused to have any formal pictures taken of him at school. Sometimes he “forgets” that it’s picture day, sometimes the pictures never make it home, either way the end result is that I have no school pictures of my son since elementary school. This is both a blessing and a curse, it’s a blessing in that it means he had to agree to let me take pictures of him to document his growth and changes. It’s a curse in that I have less black-mail material for showing to girlfriends, friends, his graduation party, wedding stuff and future grandchildren.

Ah, such is life.