Welcome Baby Zara

Oh that newborn smell, you know the one where you just snuggle deep into the top of their heads and breathe them in? I think it’s intoxicating, which probably explains why I have so many photos of this little nugget.

It might also be that we attended her parents wedding and have had adventures together across the pond. Maybe. It could just be the overwhelming cute baby factor. Either way, I was touched to be asked to take her photos and ended up with so many that this group is just a tiny sampling.












The Tuttle Family

You may recognize the adorable little faces in this post as the littles I spent a day at the beach with not too terribly long ago. I flew back to California for another visit and to snap some family photos for their holiday cards. I won’t be sharing any of those below (yet) but I am going to share some other shots from our very brief (too brief!) time hanging out together.

Brody Graduates

Last we saw of Brody he was taking his Senior photos and finishing out his final few months before graduation. That was a long time ago. He’s currently attending college and almost done with his first semester, it’s about time I actually post some photos from his graduation ceremony, right?

It was a very early and emotional day but such a wonderful milestone in his life.

A Day At The Beach

I can’t believe that the day I spent hanging out, on a beach in California, with these adorable little faces was all the way back in July. It’s already November! Time just moves way too fast.

Easter: Part Two

Continuing our Easter festivities, we headed down south a bit to visit with my husband’s family for Easter Sunday. The little ones were extremely excited about hunting eggs, with the littlest of the bunch barely letting go of his basket all afternoon, it was adorable. My oldest niece, Kayla, doesn’t hunt eggs anymore but she was all about the confetti egg attacks on various members of the family, as you’ll see.

Easter: Part One

We are in the habit of splitting our holidays. Some years and some holidays, it’s two places in the same day; other times it’s different places on different days. I do have to admit to preferring the latter, it’s nice to not have to rush and spend as much time as I want snapping away. Of course, the kids don’t always go along with this plan but what can you do?

Here’s a bit of our festivities from our Easter Saturday.


Stay tuned for Easter Part Two.

Welcome Baby Bentley!

I have known Matthew since he was an silly and slightly awkward adolescent, through him growing into a giant and now him becoming a father. A father! I can hardly believe it. Time is a crazy, crazy thing.

Few things are as precious as a newborn baby and I was honored to be there to capture these sweet moments with baby Bentley as he joined the world and his new family.

A Day In The Life: Miss Katie

I absolutely love watching kids at play. They are so expressive and just so very busy. It’s entirely entertaining seeing what they are going to do next.

Meet Katie, she is such a doll and as you’ll see in the photos below, full of personality. I spent the afternoon following her around with my camera as she played with my nephew Connor and love the results. So many expressions to capture, so little time.