An Experiment

Sometimes inspiration strikes you at odd times and in unusual ways. I find it’s best to just ride that wave and see where it takes you, the results won’t always be exciting but you’ll most often learn something new in the process.

Such is the case with this series of pictures. I took them with my iPhone 5 and they came to be after I happened to swipe across not yet fully unfurled philodendron leaf with my flashlight. A new leaf is such a lovely vibrant green but when lit in the dark? It just sparked something for me.

I played around with the location of my flashlight to achieve the different lighting “effects” for these images.

Crepe Myrtle

We have a giant crepe myrtle tree in our back yard. It has a thick trunk, thicker than I think I’ve ever seen on this type of tree, and branches that extend over a great deal of our yard. During the majority of the spring and summer, everything is covered in a colorful confetti of varying shades of delicate pink flowers.

It’s especially fond of dropping them all over our swimming pool, which while annoying to have to skim out, can make for some beautiful photos.