Easter: Part One

We are in the habit of splitting our holidays. Some years and some holidays, it’s two places in the same day; other times it’s different places on different days. I do have to admit to preferring the latter, it’s nice to not have to rush and spend as much time as I want snapping away. Of course, the kids don’t always go along with this plan but what can you do?

Here’s a bit of our festivities from our Easter Saturday.


Stay tuned for Easter Part Two.

The Boyd Family

It was a beautiful, if extremely windy, day in the park with a lovely family (who just happen to be related to me).

Sadly, this little dude ended up knocking his mouth pretty hard while horse-playing with his dad and cutting our time together short but I’m happy I was able to catch these images beforehand.

Lindsay and Johnny Sneak Peek!

Our dear friends Lindsay and Johnny were married over the weekend at The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. The groom is not what you’d call a “fan of nature” but he is a huge fan of his lovely bride, as you can clearly see below. It was fantastic seeing the joy and love on their faces, such a lovely afternoon for some of our favorite people.

There are a bunch more pictures (of course) but here is just a sample to tide everyone over.

Crepe Myrtle

We have a giant crepe myrtle tree in our back yard. It has a thick trunk, thicker than I think I’ve ever seen on this type of tree, and branches that extend over a great deal of our yard. During the majority of the spring and summer, everything is covered in a colorful confetti of varying shades of delicate pink flowers.

It’s especially fond of dropping them all over our swimming pool, which while annoying to have to skim out, can make for some beautiful photos.

Revisiting Melissa and Carl

Remember Melissa and Carl who were married on their family property in Dripping Springs? Hopefully you went and checked out Natalie’s more extensive sneak peek here so that you could see that amazing deck I mentioned in my original post.

It’s been a while since I shared my first image, so I thought it was high time I shared some more.


lead photography Hazeled Photography

floral design Petals Ink

Jesse Jones Park Round Two

As I mentioned here I volunteer with a group of 9th grade science students on digital photography for science concepts. We frequent a local park/wildlife preserve in our endeavors at capturing life science images and I usually take images of my own right along side the kids.

Some years we also visit a local arboretum to seek out images but this year we decided to just try another side of the park and see what we could come up with, here are some of my images from that day.

No snakes this time but there are some bugs and a frog, be warned!

Announcing Baby Retta!

I think we can all agree that baby shoes are just plain adorable, right? And how fun is this idea for announcing a pregnancy? I just loved these little baby chucks and the fact that they totally match the future baby’s “super” big brother’s shoes exactly. So precious.

Congratulations to the Retta family, I can’t wait to meet your little one!

Seeboth Family Sneak Peek

Even photographers need a photographer sometimes.

The ever lovely Natalie of Hazeled Photography asked me to take photos of her incredibly adorable family for their holiday cards this year. We did a little mini session around their neighborhood and came away with some great images, I can’t want to see which one(s) she chooses for her cards!

Miss Audrey

Yesterday I spent the afternoon chasing this little darling around the great outdoors. She was so excited about being “out back” and loved the tall grass we ended up in so much that she hugged it. So much fun. Here’s a sneak peek from our afternoon.

New Orleans

I didn’t take as many pictures, while wandering around New Orleans, as I would’ve liked over the weekend. Someday, I’d like to just go with a group of fellow photogs and wander various areas with our cameras at the ready capturing whatever moves us. I feel like our different styles, perspectives and approaches would lead to some interesting comparisons when it comes to the final pictures. That is already happening a bit, as in the case of this gate post, since I was walking with CharlieSue through the Garden District.

More to come!