Patrick and Tiffany

Even though Mother Nature likes to disrupt the best laid plans, like outdoor weddings in beautiful Spanish gardens, nothing could take away the beauty of this historic location or the fantastic costumery of this couple’s happy day. There are just no words for the amazing, handmade dress on this bride and a dapper groom in a kilt? I mean, come on!

There is all kinds of crazy gorgeousness happening right here!




















corset Period Corsets

dressmaker Duke of Al

hat maker Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium

Welcome Baby Zara

Oh that newborn smell, you know the one where you just snuggle deep into the top of their heads and breathe them in? I think it’s intoxicating, which probably explains why I have so many photos of this little nugget.

It might also be that we attended her parents wedding and have had adventures together across the pond. Maybe. It could just be the overwhelming cute baby factor. Either way, I was touched to be asked to take her photos and ended up with so many that this group is just a tiny sampling.












The Retta Family

I can’t believe that the last time we saw The Rettas, we had a tiny little pair of baby chucks to announce their impending arrival.

This time, those chucks have been filled by an adorable, spirited little girl, on the eve of celebrating her first birthday. It’s amazing how fast things seem to change!










The Tuttle Family

You may recognize the adorable little faces in this post as the littles I spent a day at the beach with not too terribly long ago. I flew back to California for another visit and to snap some family photos for their holiday cards. I won’t be sharing any of those below (yet) but I am going to share some other shots from our very brief (too brief!) time hanging out together.


Over the summer we took a big family trip across the pond to celebrate Brody’s graduation. He’d never been outside of the U.S. before and what better excuse? We flew to London, then hopped a train to Wales and then took a ferry over to Dublin. It was quite the little whirlwind adventure!




Brody Graduates

Last we saw of Brody he was taking his Senior photos and finishing out his final few months before graduation. That was a long time ago. He’s currently attending college and almost done with his first semester, it’s about time I actually post some photos from his graduation ceremony, right?

It was a very early and emotional day but such a wonderful milestone in his life.

A Day At The Beach

I can’t believe that the day I spent hanging out, on a beach in California, with these adorable little faces was all the way back in July. It’s already November! Time just moves way too fast.

An Experiment

Sometimes inspiration strikes you at odd times and in unusual ways. I find it’s best to just ride that wave and see where it takes you, the results won’t always be exciting but you’ll most often learn something new in the process.

Such is the case with this series of pictures. I took them with my iPhone 5 and they came to be after I happened to swipe across not yet fully unfurled philodendron leaf with my flashlight. A new leaf is such a lovely vibrant green but when lit in the dark? It just sparked something for me.

I played around with the location of my flashlight to achieve the different lighting “effects” for these images.

Brody: Senior Portraits

In about three weeks my baby boy will be turning 18 years old. In about 3 weeks after that, he’ll be graduating. It’s kind of crazy to me how fast time is moving right now. There are so many events, so many boxes left to check on our “to do” lists, so many plans left to execute and hardly any time to just absorb what’s happening.

One of those very important boxes would be his graduation announcements and portraits (they go hand in hand in my opinion) and so I forced a very cranky, half-asleep, teenage boy out in the early morning hours to get some quick shots. I really wanted to try and take photos that captured his personality and embraced who he is right now. Of course, my first thought as far as location was the Alva Graphics building as they have fantastic graffiti covering all their walls. My son is a huge fan of street art and I knew he would love it.

Easter: Part Two

Continuing our Easter festivities, we headed down south a bit to visit with my husband’s family for Easter Sunday. The little ones were extremely excited about hunting eggs, with the littlest of the bunch barely letting go of his basket all afternoon, it was adorable. My oldest niece, Kayla, doesn’t hunt eggs anymore but she was all about the confetti egg attacks on various members of the family, as you’ll see.